I'm hoping Rotwag will weigh in, but there is a part of me these days that looks for "good" art to enliven (or humanize) shared spaces. Formal or informal, I'm asking art to elicit a positive response in the viewer / participant. 

(Off topic, it's pretty easy to elicit a negative emotional response. We're passed the days when pooping on a gallery threshold is satisfying in any meaningful way.)

Anyhow. Enlivening shared spaces. 

The Carbondale skatepark abuts a set of new tennis courts. Tattooed gutter punks and over-40, overweight citizens of Dog Town are separated from attractive tennis players in white shorts and skirts by a mere 12' chain link fence. No joke. On one side kids are shouting, "Fuck yeah!" and smacking their boards on the ramps when you land a trick. I'm not sure what tennis players shout to show their approval. 

The other weekend I broke two boards the same day, trying to land a nose slide down the mini-hubba. With broken decks to spare, I climbed to the top of the fence and wired my broken deck to the skatepark side of the fence. Like a concrete wall hit with graffiti, the inhuman, chainlink border was transformed into a canvas.

Hence my joy when I headed over to this park the other day for my morning skate only to find a second deck wired to the fence. Suddenly it was participatory. There was a viewer and they "got" it. 

Which is a long way to say I'm proud of wiring trash to a chain link fence, but there you have it. I have two more broken decks in the trunk and they are going up tomorrow. 



At 10:27 PM, Blogger spackle said...

This post made me really happy. :) I had to stop Rach and read it to her has well. Have been in a pretty good creative stretch myself. You can see some of the stuff I've been working on over at ssdpress.org/feed. You'll have to scroll down for my stuff.

So happy to hear you're still shredding. Sounds like we may be seeing each other in September.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Harley Stroh said...

Oooh..... a feed. That's sexy. It's like G+ or Facebook, but edited by a real brain.

Re: September. Yes. I know it isn't the right place or time, but I am dying to make it, ep – wait for it – ic.



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