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Friday night Goodman Games kicked off the Purple Planet Kickstarter. The goal was to raise funds allowing us to release the adventure as a box set, with content by amazing writers like Daniel J. Bishop, Tim Callahan, Edgar Johnson, and Terry Olson. 

At some point Saturday evening, it funded, and then stomped over the first stretch goal. Technically,  it wasn't quite a "One and Done," but it was very close. Props, guys. You made this happen in record time. 

What next? This is the part where a more savvy author would write, "Great job! But our work isn't done! Don't forget to share with your friends! There are $26k more in stretch goals to go!" 

But we have 28 days to tackle that. Rather, it seems more important to take a moment and just offer a heartfelt Thank You: 

To the folks that stepped up and dedicated their finite personal resources to a DCC kickstarter, thank you. I love that PP fires up your imagination. We will do our very best to live up to the promise of Doug's cover art.  Fortunately, I'm in the company of great writers and artists; we won't let you down. 

And for the folks that wanted to give, but weren't able to click that Pay Amazon button: Thank you for even looking at the KS. This post is really about you. 

I'm the guy that still hasn't backed Dyson Logos' Patreon project. Because, damn, if Dyson publishes a map on the wrong day of the month, and that $5 charge hits my account, I am screwed. 

Which is to say, I get it. I'm a janitor, a bus driver, an office monkey and a writer. And I'm thankful for every job I have because together they help me to feed and house the ones I love. I know what it means to hustle and fret every single month. That you took the time to look at the KS means the world to me. Together we'll keep digging at the dream, and someday I'll be able to afford to back all your Kickstarters, and - if they are any good - you can back mine. 

So to all of you - those that backed and those that didn't - I appreciate it. DCC fans are amazing. 

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Peril on the Purple Planet -- Kicktraq Mini


At 3:31 AM, Blogger DerKastellan said...

Congrats, Harley! Glad I'm in. :)

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Anthony Emmel said...

Glad to be here as well. :)


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