June 23: Free RPG Day
Free stuff this Saturday at your favorite local gaming story.

Like the guy with the boom-cannon said:

Get some.

Old Man Skate Jam

Technobi 2k is back in town, so I'm headed down the mountain to fall down on Boulder concrete, some of the nicest concrete there it. Roberto is coming up from Denver, making us 4 --- sorta like an old folks home on wheels.

Some of the very best skating I've done these last 2 years have been with the Tek. Good times.

Not that it should mean anything to you, but we found this great new place for wall rides, there's an Olympic-sized nose slide that I've been meaning to try out, and given that it is Boulder, we'll spend a fair amount of time simply bombing down hills faster than God intended.

(Last time we tried bombing through campus we almost lost Rob underneath a car. Break out that bottle of hydrogen peroxide, kids, your dad is bleeding through every pore on this body.)

Stupidity and bravado aside, it will be great to see all my old friends and inspire them to greater stupidity. With a friend like Harley, who needs enemies?

And last but not least ...
... a Deathy Shout Out to Jon Hershberger, Vicki Potter and their respective families, who drove out from Kansas and Nebraska to see the West and spend a little time hanging out in Glenwood Springs. Both are wonderful people, and has been great getting to know their families. Again and again I'm blessed with good friends.



Coming Soon to a Cavern Near You

Notable denizens created by Jeff LaSala and Mike Ferguson (and some created by the rest of us DCC folks) are being compiled into Goodman Games' Dungeon Denizens. The tome of more than 90 monsters was chosen and re-edited by Aeryn Blackdirge, our resident stat specialist. This is precisely how much of the old 1e Monster Manual II and Fiend Folio came about --- creatures showed up in adventures, then were compiled into books.

If you already have all the DCCs, you don't need this collection, but for folks looking to catch up on missing monsters or simply looking to compile the best of the DCC creatures, this is handy resource to have around.

Plus, those sweet fonts of yesteryear. >:)