All that is old ...
In a comment on the last post, Technobi posted a link to this article:


The gist of the article is how the Israel Defense Forces frown upon their soldiers gaming, as the pastime is indicative of having "a weak personality."

The amusing irony here is that RPGs were born out of wargames. TSR was once The Strategic Review. And I'm willing to bet my yamika that the IDF still uses war game simulations for training.

Shall be new again.
That said, the following video demonstrates why the IDF might be making the right choice. ;)



...is back. Go give the man some love.

For my part, I need to get some writing done 5 minutes ago.



Free Today on RPGNow...
Tabletop Adventures: Bits of Darkness

As seen at GAMA and Gen Con, this one is the work of Vicki "Cassandra" Potter.

(And here's a dirty little secret about this Tabletop Adventure release: it's already compliant with the 4th - or fortieth! - edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game. True story.)



DCC #51.5 Sinister Secret of Whiterock
...is free today. Click on the image to get your copy.

Not much to add. Get it today, as I don't know how long the offer on Sinister will run for.



Ed Gentry's Neversfall

At the end of this month, a my dear friend and yours, Ed Gentry, is publishing his first novel. Ed's webpage died because he didn't post on his blog often enough, so I'm pimping his book here until Edgentry.com is up and running.

So mark your calendars for November 27. I expect a zombie horde of consumers to go out into the world armed with their hard won pennies and buy this darn book.

Let it be so.

What the heck. Why not pre-order it?



Sometimes ...

... it just needs to be noted that life is pretty good. Warm days, cool nights, and you and I get to spend them dreaming about worlds that never existed. And if we dream well enough, the audience pays for the show.

I delights me to bear witness to the success of our friends. Ed's novel is coming out this month. Jeff's is slated for release. Eric is working on secret project #X (so secret I can't keep track of them all). TacoJohn is working on multiple Goodman/Troll Lord projects. Eternal Warriors is chugging along. Spellburn is due out early 2008. Deiter's working on DragonMech Battles. The list just keeps on going.

And as for myself, I'm tinkering away in the back of the hovel, poking my head out now and again to check the skies. It's fair to say that none of the DCC crew is in danger of having free weekends any time soon.

Not too shabby for a bunch of hairless apes that spent the bulk of our history dodging predators. That's pretty darn cool.


(And you're right, t-rexs weren't around at the same time as humans ... at least not in this reality. But for a 5-spot any one here could dream one up.)


Notes to Self: Thanksgiving Day Massacre
Bowling Green is a good long haul from here. It might be possible to do it in a 24 hour push. Haven't tried that since the infamous Logan, Utah run (5 parsecs, for the record) but I think it could be done.

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Halloween is Every Day

This is where we'll be Friday night, and this is the man who has opened his space for Rob's artwork. Come down to the Fort and you can skate with us Saturday morning.

Katalist Konsepts isn't Zack’s first stab at being a business owner. His first try, the Paris coffee house, went out of business years ago. But not to be defeated, Zack is back and he’s brought an ink gun with him.

That a tattooed gutter punk with a dyed dreads and self-administered peircings is also a responsible father, Christian and business owner ---- well, let’s just say that the presumed contradictions warm the cockles of my hardened heart.

I’ve been acquainted with Zack for years now. He was the homeless guy sleeping in the back of I-Hop. We wrote about the night when Paris went out of business (you can read about it here, in issue #6 of TIN. (By the by, issue #5 was probably one of our best.)

The important lesson for me here, is perseverance. It would have been easy for a disaffected man to swear off any attempt at success. But he didn’t. He lost, kept punching and here he is again, chasing his dream.

Love it. See you there.