Genghis Con XXXI
I am always exhausted after a show, and this one is no different. It's 7:25 in the Denver International Airport and yawning like a newborn. The plane to Austin is departing in 23 minutes so I'll need to make this one quick.

  • Playtesting Goodman's yet-to-be announced game system. Awesome x 2.
  • Trading swag with Sean Reynolds, of Paizo fame (and fellow "guest of honor"). Nice guy.
  • Great Genghis staff ... giving me sweet table locations for all my events. (Or maybe it is just because I'm too loud and drown out all the nearby tables. Either way, it was great being situated in the muster area.)
  • The players!!! You guys rocked. I think these were some of the best sessions I've enjoyed since last GenCon. Especially the haunted manor, with its babies in the walls, and Val, who was more than willing to take up the mantle of Toad Queen. Well played!
  • RTD adventures ... a subject of another post. But suffice it to say, I walked a lot of Colfax Friday night, when I really just wanted to make it to the H-Line.
  • Meeting up w/ Jay of Warhammer fame. (Not Ynnen, the other Jay.) Great gamer, but one of those folks that leaves you wondering if you are too stupid to be running games for someone of his caliber.
  • Linda of Genghis Con, for the world's best name tag.
  • Sweet, super-sweet skating locations at 9-mile station. Def. returning in summer with deck in hand. As the Beastie Boys once wrote, "Nothing left to lose, so I'm pissing on the third rail..."
They are paging Austin passengers, so I'm off. Stay alive, 'cause you're no good to us dead ...


Live from Genghis Con: Don't believe the hype

For the record, they've taken great care of me. Wonderful people, and great gamers = fun weekend.

Full report later, once I'm on the plane to the next gig.