She's Back
I'm delighted to announce that the next installment of the Witch Queen saga will be available at GenCon in first edition glory.

Goodman Games' first 1e release, Iron Crypt of the Heretics, was far more successful than we predicted, selling out in the first few hours of the connvention. I'm happy to say that this won't be the case for Saga. We're limiting sales to 2 per person, and (hopefully!) printing enough so that all the grognards who want one can get a copy. Some will even be for sale on the Goodman Games' site, just in case you can't make it to the con. Speculators be warned --- Iron Crypt is worth a ton because there were far too few printed; this likely won't be the case for Saga.

Pending the release of the 4th edition, all the new content in Saga will be converted to 3.5 for inclusion along with the final, dramatic finale. I've begun working on the last episode; with luck ink will be hitting paper sometime in the next couple months.



Go Forth, My Deathy Minions!
DCC World is up for an Ennie for Best Campaign Setting. Last year (it seems so long ago) I lost to an adventure featuring a "Demon Whore." True story. It's good to know that gamers haven't changed all that much since this hobby's inception. :)

But, and this needs to be noted up front, this year we're up against Ptolus.

Yes, that Ptolus. The test setting for 3.5 edition, penned by the author of the same. Suffice it to say, Monte best be getting a front seat for the proceedings.

Still, regardless of where your loyalties might lie, go out and vote. At least be counted.

And as for demon whores, my dear friend Tek once went a few rounds against a DW in a University of Colorado dorm room. Turned into a battle of biblical proportions, culminating in Tek abandoning his loyal toyota pickup truck in favor of a quick get away. We had to sneak back in the middle of the night and jump start the old Squid, whose battery had been drained from leaving the hazard lights on. The Squid took one for the team that night.

The lesson learned: If a DW ever offers you a good time, it's always best to turn her down. It will cost you your soul, or worse, your truck.


NYC: The Shirt off My Back

Part, the First: The next 3 weeks I’ll be posting to you live from the sweltering heat of New York state. Once again I have the great privilege of traveling halfway across the nation, meeting incredible folks, learning a fair bit about community development, and hopefully – just maybe – improving myself.

If nothing else I come away with story ideas and a renewed appreciation for Lovecraft.

Part, the Second: I’ve never been terribly good about buying clothes. It bores and terrifies me. The happy result of this is that all my friends (not wanting to spend time with a naked Harley) end up giving me clothes. The result is that all my favorite articles of clothing once belonged to friends, spouses or family members. But with relatives and friends spread across the globe, I don’t receive clothes like I used to, so in the last couple weeks I’ve been forced to --- gasp --- actually go out and look for something to buy.

Again, bored and terrified. Still if you’ve got to wear something, it might as well be interesting. Or at least have an interesting story. Wearable art, as it were.

Though I was (and remain) unable to find good Sisters shirts on the net (Reptile House, I’m looking at you), I did come across 2 cool t-shirt designs. One belongs to La Marca del Este folks (a Spanish gaming group), another to the Collabros (design artists for Zoo York skateboards), but sadly neither was really for sale.

And yet after complimenting both on their designs, both offered to send me shirts.

Gaming and skateboards. New friends giving me new shirts. Very, very cool.

Add to this the Wentz Choose Death logo design (to be unveiled at GenCon!) and Harley is feeling fairly stylish.

For a shy geek, that is.

Getting clothes off the net.

Ah well. At least I haven’t had to buy anything at the mall.



Free to a good home...
But for you, $10.00.

DCC #51.5: Sinister Secret of Whiterock has made it to Ebay. Given out free as part of Free RPG Day, as of Monday night it is fetching a regular DCC price. Odds are it won't go up much more, since we'll be printing a variant for GenCon.

Regardless, hopefully whoever buys it will use it.

Oh, and thanks in no small part to Spanish models, DCC World is up for an Ennie this year. Who knows --- maybe this time the DCC crew won't be exiting the Ennies out the kitchen staff entrance.*


*True story. Reminds me that I promised to make a real post this week.


Another trip around the sun. I’ve been out of the reach of wi-fi the last 10 days, which means I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on. And so a pithy, birthday post is going to have to wait.

In lieu of pith, I’ve brought gifts. The first is for my dear friend Technobi, a photo that appears for all intents and purposes seems to be a Spanish model holding a copy of DCC World. The photo is from the good folks at La Marca del Este who give high praise to the DCC line, have sweet t-shirts, and claim that Lady Obscura is their official GM.

Truth or fiction. You decide:

Regardless, they're playing DCCs in Spain. How freakin' cool is that? This gig rocks.

Anyhow, a real post later this week. Promise.