Next Stop ... Tejas

This weekend the folks of Goodman Games are sending me off the one and only North Texas Roleplaying Game Convention. Dedicated to old school games of all stripes, NTRPG is the perfect venue for playtesting the DCC RPG.

(It is also the perfect venue for meeting up with the folks of Black Blade Publishing and working out their plot for world domination, but that's off the clock.)

I'll be running a few games over the weekend with the intent of putting the DCC RPG through the paces, shaking it around and seeing what rattles and falls out. And with the vanguard of the OSR in attendance, NTRPG is perfect for spotting the strengths and weaknesses of any system.

So if you're around Dallas/Fort Worth this weekend, stop on by, throw some dice and help us run the DCC RPG through the paces!