[begin pathetic post]

"Soy un perdedor..."
Well, maybe. Don't really know yet.

I lurk around the White Wolf livejournal every Monday to read the staff meeting notes in the hopes of hearing about the novel contest. We got a little tease today when one of the staff writers noted:

No, we don't know anything new about the novel contest, yet. As I understand it, our big judge likes the submissions too much to easily decide between them all.

Now if you know Harley then you know I'm perennially disappointed in my own work. Not to skew the results, but my submission wasn’t my best writing. I know it can't be a contender. So if anyone from WW happens to be reading this, please ask Stewart to email Harley a rejection. At the very least it would put a stop to the constant wondering.

Kill the headlights and put it in neutral,
Stock car flamin’ with a loser and the cruise control …
…Soy un perdedor.
I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me.

[/end pathetic post]


You've been gaming too long when...
...the discovery of 11x17 graph paper makes you giddy.

Think of possiblities! No more taping sheets together!


If that post didn't make sense to you, you're not alone.

If it did make sense, then I'm sorry, but I will loan you a sheet.



"Nothing Quite Like the Feel of Something New"
Goodman Games
This is hardly an appropriate first post to the New Year, but this late on a Sunday night I can’t do much better. Maybe it is best to stay simple: I hope everyone is well. I’m a lucky man, blessed with good friends, good work, and the opportunity to pay rent writing doing something I love.

Plus, this post comes from inside a car with NIN on the radio. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Anyhow, fresh for 2007 is the next DCC boxed set, Saga of the Dragon Cult. Due out in March, this is actually a compilation of 4 previous DCCs, along with a hefty chunk of new material written by yours truly, that will allow a GM to run the adventures together in an epic, world-spanning story arc. Best of all it comes at the low 1980s price of a mere $20. Normally this much tabletop fun would run around $90 so this is a great chance for new folks to get into the DCC line. It's also has one of "my"coolest covers yet, painted by the the talented Eric Lofgren.

Goodman Games
For all the folks still playing AD&D out there, the 1e version of the Iron Crypt of the Heretics is available as a PDF through RPGnow. This is the one that goes for obscene amounts on Ebay. There will be another GenCon special this August – get in line early and secure for your childrens' college by investing in d20 products.

I'm joking, folks.

What else? Zeitgeist Game's release of the Temple of the Frog is due out this month; as soon as it can be pre-ordered, I'll let you know.

Enough about my junk. It gives me no end of joy to know that most of the Choosey Deathers are coming out with their own books, adventures and the like this year. I’ll get around to pimping them when I get the chance, but until then feel free to post ‘em in the comments. I'll try to put together a catalog of Deather related projects coming out in 2007.

Finally, it’s official: Josh Wentz and the Sidedown Monograph kick arse. I picking up more copies as soon as my next paycheck comes in, just so that I can give them away to friends to convince them that Harley might be cool. The Monograph rocks, and it makes me look better than I deserve. Of course, buy virtue of genetics, Josh looks better than he deserves but that's another issue altogether. Buy a copy before they’re all gone, and take the time to reserve a pre-sale of the next Sidedown project.

Happy New Years everyone. I hope you are all well.

Love from the Rockies,