Lifestyles of the Poor and Infamous
Got a package in the mail today from Jon “TacoJon” Hershberger. Jon was the Man/Myth/Editor that brought the 1e version of Iron Crypt to life. He also did all the playtesting with his local group and also ran several Iron Crypt games at GenCon. A standup gentleman, by any standard.

Jon was sending me copies of IC 1e to sign for him and his group. The 1e version saw a very limited print run and so now copies run for $100 or more on ebay (hard to believe and even harder to rationalize). They did a second short "collectors" run, which has also sold out, but that has to do with scarcity instead of any inherent value.

I’m happy to sign copies for Jon and Company, but as I opened the priority mail box I saw that one of Jon’s friends had collected a copy of every module I’ve written. It was a bit overwhelming --- in a good way. To see that someone would care enough to get copies of them all was amazing. My first real “fan” experience, but a little boggling too, since there really isn’t anything to be a fan of. I need to write a letter back, or somehow signify my appreciation.

Heh. Maybe I need to get his signature. My first fan. You only get one!

In other news, still no word on the Vampire book, but White Wolf recently merged with CCP, the folks that bring you EVE. And since the co-founder of White Wolf is also my editor, I can imagine that his schedule is awfully busy right about now. Especially since, according to the White Wolf livejournal page, a good chunk of the WW staff is over in Northern Europe getting to know their new partners.

So, long story, short, who knows when I’ll hear about the book.

Till then, I hope you all are well! Thanks for reading.


Josh Wentz...Design God
JW has spent an inordinate amount of time making me look good in print:

Give that brother a Deathy Shout-Out. Also, consider doing some Christmas shopping at the Sidedown Ol’ Time Country Store. The ice cream is only 25 cents a cone and the ice water is free!



If a man can be judged by the company he keeps...

It's official. I'm sexier and smarter when JW is publishing my work in the Sidedown Monograph.

Course, that also means I'm bringing everyone else down.

#1 goes on pre-sale in a mere 5 days, with all sorts of goodies attached.



Coming in December...

I've known Alex Anderegg for over a decade now. Five years ago we swore a blood oath over our Certified Plan for World Domination. His first published adventure is coming out in December, marking an important milestone in our plan.

Fellow DCC World author Mike Ferguson is also coming out with 2 new adventures, one in November and another in December. Mike is one of those lucky souls who has about a million ideas a minute, and both these adventures reflect his creativity.

Catch 'em all!



And, for all our U.S. readers, don't forget to exercise the responsibility of freedom:

Q: Grimbones, where the heck is my polling place?

A: (Courtest of Rockstar Rockwell) http://www.vote411.org/pollingplacebystate.php


Not so Novel Novel Update
No news to report, save that my own “nails and needles” period has passed. Waiting for the rejection produced something akin to an emotional hangover which, thankfully, lasted only a little longer than the regular kind. I’m sure I’ll get worked up about it again when the next cycle of announcement dates comes through, but for now I’m pretty content. If this novel doesn’t sell, maybe the next one will. And if that one doesn’t, I’m confident the next one will for sure. ;)

Repeat as needed.

No school today, so I spent the morning skating, the early afternoon doing development work, and will spend remainder of the day writing. I’m about halfway through my 89k monster, and would like to put down another 5k today.

Meanwhile, the Sidedown monograph is looking really, really cool. Handmade books rule. This was the sort of thing I had hoped to pull off for GT, but Josh and Co. have the resources to do it right. I’m excited to see it come to fruition, if only to get the cool Sidedown pin. They’ll be taking preorders on the 13th, so dig behind the cushions in the couch and see what you can come up with.

In an amusing anecdote, seeing JW’s image for my story reminded me of the reading I gave of this little number. My writing has always been inextricably linked to my romantic life. Not being particularly charismatic, I've always relied on my stories to do the talking for me. I’d give my work to folks I was wooing, and the people I fell in love with would then appear in the stories. (You know who you are.)

The Giant is no different. Read this one before an audience in Boulder, initiating a whirlwind romance. And, as per the formulae, Giant has a lot to do with previous loves, albeit seen across a great divide.

Aren’t they all?

So it goes. Being your own romantic proxy: reason #489 to be a writer.