Week 1
Alrunic asked how the first day of school went. In a word, it was magical*.

Our school philosophy emphasizes a child's joy of discovery, and our program tries to maintain that sense of "magic" for as long as possible. Our days are filled with storytelling, and a strong emphasis on "the arts." On the surface it can appear that we are soft on "academics," but that's really a trick of the eye. The curriculum is integrated in such a way that all those stories teach math skills, language, science, history, and all the usual subjects found in traditional schools --- it just looks like we're playing (especially in the lower grades).

It's not the right education for every kid, and I wish we didn't have to charge tuition. Still, if you're ever in New Hampshire, drop in to check out the results.

*In my excitement to write about the school, I forgot to mention that our sewer blew out on day 1. Last year it was the fire alarm. Nice way to impress the new first grade parents: "Sorry, our adult restroom is out of order. You'll have to use the little kids' room."

Meanwhile, Back in the Kobolds' Kitchen
I lucked out with a d20 proposal and was commissioned by an indie company to write a 20,000-40,000 word module.

Yep. Last night I was paid for squinting over blue lined graph paper and flipping through the Monster Manual.

My experience with indie d20 (1 submission, 1 sale) is UNDOUBTEDLY a clerical error, or at least a freak accident, but for anyone interested in writing gaming material, I encourage you to send out some queries. They pay really well, and heck, this is what we do in our free time anyway! :)


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