Canons Away!
Thanks for the encouragement, guys and gals. I know that part of our job description is having thick skin, but your opinions mean the world to me. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

One of the perks --- perhaps the only perk --- of washing dishes for the X-Games is all the Red Bull I can drink. That means that I get to be awake, typing in bed, while H crashes out beside me. The wireless laptop is an amazing thing.

But back to canons.

Kam probably has some valuable thoughts on this, since he has spent the last year adding depth and definition to the Realms. It might be the gaming geek in me, but I am absolutely flabbergasted to have the the privilege of adding to a fantasy world.

Something strikes my fancy? Something sounds cool? I type it in and it becomes part of the world’s canon.

That makes a strong argument for moving slowly and cautiously, especially when you are, for all intents, a newbie.

But in the same breath, you can’t write a good fantasy story if you’re spending all your time being cautious. The world has to be alive with detail and depth. It has to resonate, and “generic” doesn’t get the job done.

So you end up treading in the middle. Just enough spice to make it interesting, but not so much that it is no longer palatable.

Sorta like my day job. ;)

Just in case it sounds like I’m starting to take myself too seriously, don’t worry. I’m headed in for another day of dishwashing, onion-slicing, and coffee-making tomorrow. I’m still a scrub, but one that is very excited about his night work.

And if I see Kurt Loder or Kennedy, I’ll get their autographs for you. ;)


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