Happy Valentines Day!
Hey, even if nobody else says it, I want to be YOUR valentine.

Gotta a lotta love to give. :):):)

Moors. Lots of 'em. And they're Black.
Huh. Typing that made me wonder if "moor=swamp" has anything to do with "moor= african guy in Spain." Dunno.

Anyhow, the next installment of the Blackmoor serials got the happy editor dance, which of course calls for a happy writer dance. The second story was easier to write, and might even have fewer plot holes...


This one drops Col for a bit, and follows a young Peshwah nomad trying to meet the world on his own terms. Fun, plus I got to write a creepy group of monks into the world.

I'm really starting to enjoy writing pulp material. You'll probably pick that up in the dialogue. There is a lot to be said about not taking yourself too seriously, and a lot to be gained when you turn the volume on the self-editor down a little. We'll see if I went too far.

The story is slated to go out later this month, along with a module introducing players to the Blackmoor:MMRPG, sort of a "living Blackmoor" event. My story dances around the module without revealing too much. Hopefully it will leave players interested in getting into the world and kicking imaginary bad-guy tush. :)

And I get paid for this? It's a crazy world out there.


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