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If you are playing "Temple of the Frog" at GenCon (yes ... THAT Temple of the Frog) you will be playing an adventure developed by Richard Pocklington and written by Harley Stroh. There is a lot more to the adventure, much of which was written by Richard, but the bits you'll be getting at the con are some of my contributions.

And maybe you'll even get to play on a giant Harley-drawn map. Fear.

Temple of the Frog originally appeared in this badboy, the SECOND D&D supplement released by TSR:

Having the opportunity to contribute to this project was a lot like being asked to re-carve the Holy Grail, and on a deadline. We got 'er done, but only thanks to Jeff "Ask And It Shall Be So" LaSala, Richard's fantastic ground work, and Christopher Reed's patience and willingness to answer any question at any time ("Lasers! Yes or no?!").

Anyhow, the GenCon games are just the tip of the Temple. I'll do the giddy dance about this some more when the rest is made public.

Iron Crypt: First Edition
Also, no image to point you to yet, but Goodman Games is releasing a limited run of a First Edition Iron Crypt of the Heretics. As in, pull out the old Player's Handbook and roll up a character, first edition. Half-orc assassin/clerics and everything. Crazy. I've heard rumors of only 500 copies being printed, but those are just rumors.

The man responsible for the conversion was Jon Hershberger, aka TacoJon, who also did an amazing job of editing the new rooms. He was also the man driving the entire project, having done a conversion for play in Gorilla Con.



At 5:36 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Temple of the Frog ... wow.


You truly have the charmed life, my friend.


At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Kevin Mayle said...

I painted the cover. Can't wait to actually play the adventure.


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