Gen Con: Bring the Noise
It looks like we might cross the finish line after all. With all the 4E releases coming out for Gen Con, it will be an interesting time for sure. You can find our booth by heading towards the Wizards booth. We're the little guys across the aisle.

If you've been by the Goodman website, you already know to expect: 
Of course, these have been in the works for months now. We also have several late additions, but I'll wait for those to be officially announced before addressing them here.

A little Monkey Love
And while you won't find them at the Goodman booth, if you swing by Code Monkey Publishing they'll have copies of Temple of the Frog and City of the Gods to satisfy your cravings for ye olde 3.5. (In a high point of audacity last year, I signed my name below Arneson's on a 3.5 version of Temple.)  

Today was supposed to be the first day for voting but it looks like their software is down. I'll let you know when the page is back up. 



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