Road Trip!

Wednesday I fly out to Chicago, meet up with the
Goodman Games crew, load up the van and hit the road. We'll do some signings, give some interviews, run some games, and generally do our part to insure that the good people of Fort Wayne have a fun weekend.

It's also my excuse to hang out with man-about-town Jeremy Jones, novelist
Ed Gentry and some really cool podcasters. (I don't know if Ed's wife can also get free, but I hope so.) I'm always terrified headed into shows, but somehow it always seems to work out. You'd think I'd learn my lesson and come to trust that, odds are, things will be more fun than not, but I'm a slow study.

This is also my chance to try out some of the Death Dealer material before it goes to print. (Note to self,
print out the adventure before you leave town. It'd be like me to have to run it from memory.)

So anyhow, if you're in the heartland of our nation this weekend, drop on by. I'm looking forward to seeing a new town, meeting some new faces, and telling some shared stories about places that never existed.

And this is a job?

Yep. :)

Mercenarios de Punjar
Or..."And you thought I was annoying in English!"

Last year Goodman Games released out first German language DCCs. This year we'll be licensing our work in
Spanish and French as well.

Even more fun, as best I can tell (Babelfish don't fail me now!) the folks that did the Spanish translation were none other than the generous souls of
La Marca de Este. Thanks to Steinkel and Co. for the translation work; I hope the DCCs do great for you. It doesn't hurt that their version of Sellswords of Punjar also contains the Free RPG Day material, technically making it an order of magnitude cooler than the original English version.

Yes, I'll have written books in Spanish that I can't get in English.

I'm a little jealous. 



At 2:27 AM, Blogger Steinkel said...

Thanks Harley. As I told you before, we're very happy right now, having translated such a good adventure module from our favourite line (DCC).

Take care.

At 12:54 PM, Anonymous TheDuelist said...

Hi there Harley,

This is Rafael Casuso from OkGames, we're really proud of being part of the spanish adaptation of such a nice adventureline.

Let me tell you that you did a great job, specially with all the Punjar setting, a dark city filled with adventure possibilities.


Rafael Casuso,

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Grimbones said...

Rafeal, Steinkel,

It's me that should be thanking you guys. The opportunity to see the DCCs in Spanish is exciting and something I never anticipated. I hope to meet you in person if I ever get to make it to your corner of the world.


At 1:54 AM, Blogger Red Jason said...

This is really awesome looking. Do you think we could get that interactive Punjar map translated to English and get it up on the Goodman site?

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Grimbones said...


I don't know, but it can't hurt to ask. I'll run it by Joseph.



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