In for penny, 

The maps for my Sellswords of Punjar are up for an ENnie award. As always, it's great that our work (specifically the work of Carto-Rex) is being recognized, but ... man, the writing by my companions-in-arms in Isle and Portal was really, really good and deserves to be recognized. 


Though in fairness, it is a sign of vainglorious times indeed, when a creator is bitter that his team's work is only up for one award. Heh. How lame am I? Lame indeed.  

My consolation is that the art for Death Dealer is, as the critic said, "seven shades of awesome." C'mon, ENnies 2010!



At 4:22 PM, Blogger saurus said...

five bucks says you guys get silver at best - yet again ;)


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