Gen Con Count Down
Less than a week to the big show. One of the best things about Gen Con is getting to see friends from around the world. Be they old or new, for me the Gen Con experience is about friends.

This year we'll be missing folks. It makes sense, given the economy and life, but the con will be less for their absence.

This year my schedule is less about working the booth, and more about running games. I'm a one man conversion army, out to demonstrate that you can role play with 4E. My first Gen Con I ran 4 games and lost my voice by Saturday night. Running on high octane caffeine and no sleep will do that. 

This year, I'm hoping to come out of this one with both a voice, and the energy to do some skating with the boys ...  



At 10:02 PM, Blogger spackle said...

You might not see this until after I see you, but looking forward to the weekend. :) See you in just a handful of hours really!


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