While at the skatepark ...

The Basalt skatepark is set along the Frying Pan river. Our little slice of Colorado is fairly rural, even with all Aspen's pretensions at sophistication. Anyhow, I was skating alone this morning, when through the woods came a 7 foot bull moose.

Being a fan of the old Dan Brown books, my first instinct was to try to sneak up on it and steal a tuft of moose hair. I slipped behind a tree to consider my options, confident that if the moose decide to make a go at it, I'd be able to circle the tree faster than he could. 

The moose took a few steps into the willows, and I started after him. The moose gave me a warning --- a quick few steps my direction --- and that was enough to genetic memory to kick in. I scampered to the top of the quarter pipe and watched from safety as the moose sidled up to the quarter pipe, gave me a stern look in the eye (our eyes were about level at this point) and meandered off to continue munching on willows. 

Moose 1, Harley's stalking skills 0. 



At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you were half as evil as you are crazy, we'd all be in serious trouble.

Love ya, H.

-Ed G.

At 6:01 PM, Blogger demonforeveryday said...

This would've made great video. And an even better vignette.


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