Ah, Sweet Entropy
All right, dear Goblinaires, I'm back, rings are on all the appropriate fingers, and we are ready to rock and roll. Thank you for all your love and patience.

In my absence, work has fallen to the forces of entropy; where there was once a school house there are now mostly inert gases. I'm stealing 5 precious minutes away to gives a heads up and then it is back into the morass.

GT faired much better than the "real job"; we had to cut one story due to quality issues (don't worry, the author already knows who he/she is, so it likely isn't you) but the written content is all where it needs to be. 2 more works of art, 1 color cover and we'll be ready to print this dog.

Which reminds me: everyone who hasn't sent in a bio, send one. Got it? Good. ;)

The morass is calling and someone's got to answer.


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