Bugger That Noise!
So in the comments below, Ed paid me a compliment.  My immediate response was to write one back, insisting that HE would be the one to get the Eberron gig. 
But here's the thing:  We're all good enough.  Seriously.  Flip through some of the stories collected in "Best of the Realms."  They aren't bad, but the writing collected therein isn't beyond our skills.
That's really the trick of the open call.  It doesn't necessarily go to the "best writer," it goes to the Right Writer, the one with the idea most suited for the job at hand.  (Although often Best and Right go hand in hand, eh, Kam? ;)  ) 
But that's the great thing about anthologies - room for the rest of us to squeeze in our ideas.  And you know Eberron will be having them. 
Enough of my rant.  I've got a weekend to enjoy.  See ya!


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