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I'm flogging a dead horse at this point, but let me point out one last time how incredible it is to see Jim Holloway spending finite hours of his life illustrating something I wrote.

I mean, this is the guy that illustrated Rose Estes' Mountain of Mirrors!

There. I've finally burned off any lingering illusions of professional dignity. >:)

Perhaps best of all, this module was as a lark, written as a gift for my dear friend Alex. I didn't have a gaming group at the time, and was living vicariously through his group. (How's that for passivity? Listening to stories about other people pretending to do stuff.) It was written for fun, with no hope of ever being sold.

I'd love to sign off with the moral "Do what you love and eventually it will work out," but that’s more than a little intellectually irresponsible. The truth is I got lucky; many folks (with much more talent than I’ll ever have) suffer their entire lives without being recognized.

But have no fear, gentle reader! Grimbones won’t let you down. Even if I can’t fall back on our culture’s happy-go-lucky cliché, I can promise this much:

If we try, we'll probably fail.

If we don’t try, we will certainly fail.

Me, I’ll try my luck. Choose Death. >:)


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Jeff LaSala said...

Easily half of my favorite black and white drawings of old belong to Holloway. Heck, I just recently unearthed my Treasures of Middle Earth book (part of the OLD Middle Earth Roleplaying Game) and of course it's *all* Holloway.

You are very, very fortunate Harley. And I can fully appreciate it.

At 6:47 PM, Blogger ec said...

Dignity is highly overrated. People who become too concerned with it could never engage in fundamentally undignified activities, such as, say, sex or square dancing. Much better to celebrate life, and image be damned. :)

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Silverfyre said...

Amen to that, both Harley and EC. Image be damned and never give up trying!

You guys are my inspiration, all corniness aside.

At 9:37 PM, Blogger SnakeOil Sage said...

Hmm... sex while square-dancing...

Bah, the dosey-doe lyrics would be too easy to mock.

It's the ultimate Old School buzz to earn that kind of publishing victory. I hereby insist you dress up like a Miami Vice character and drive around your home town with Flock of Seaguls blaring over your eight-track.

At 1:44 AM, Anonymous mnts said...

"I didn't have a gaming group at the time, and was living vicariously through his group."

Funny thing was that most of the stories were about how my plots kept getting screwed up or how the gamers would screw themselves up and score a total party kill. I was getting burned out on GMing, but H came to my rescue--I think to keep the stories coming.

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool buddy.


At 12:11 PM, Anonymous spackle said...

(again witht he unrelated posts...)


(I can't beleive you are already 47?!?!)

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not failing to wish you a happy birthday :) Try as I might :)



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