Back in the saddle again.
I don't know how other authors deal with post-project depression. Putting away the reference books, knowing that nothing more will be added or corrected, can be a little rough.

But, as Mr. Reznor taught us, there's nothing quite like the feel of something new. Especially if it has a rapidly closing deadline. Heard just today:

"Can you give me 4 thousand words by Friday?"

Hell, I've been doing 1k ever night since late February. ;)

To my fellow little or no-names: if you can get a boot in the door, you can make this happen. Look at Ed and Marce. Both of are on their way to their first novels. And Jaleigh, Eric and Kam are all well on their way to their second and third novels.

Not 5 years ago (erm...how long ago was Maiden?) they were sitting where you and I are right now. Lonely, depressed, selling their plasma for typewriter ribbon and coffee.

Today they're kicking back their heels, smoking fat cigars, while ghostwriters frantically scratch out the next in the series.

Well, maybe not quite. But they have all taken steps towards realizing their dreams, and made it easier for us to do the same. At this particular moment in time there are more books being published than ever before in the history of the planet.

Go out and make one of them yours. Tell 'em, Grimbones sent you.


At 6:30 PM, Anonymous erik said...

Excellent entry, Grimmy.

Second that! :)



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