DCC World Preview
Goodman Games
A hefty 17-page preview of Áereth is up for your viewing pleasure. Jeff L. was responsible for the world creation chapter, pulling together half a dozen back stories into a single, unified whole.

I think he did a great job. I hope you agree.

You can down load the preview here:

Parkinson Art
Keith Parkinson Online
The store at keithparkinson.com is finally up. I encourage fans to stop by and support the memory of a very talented artist. It seems a shame that this could only happen after his death, but you know that any money going to his family is money well spent.

Is it dead?
Oof. Things got busy around here. Just put to death an editing nightmare. You know the horror film where the zombie keeps coming back? Same thing. Finally had to reach for the chainsaw. I love my writers but I've become utterly inured to the complaints of authors regarding changes made to work-for-hire projects.

Any sane editor only wants your project to be its best. Any changes made are made for this reason only. If you, as a writer, aren’t comfortable with that, I understand, but it’s your responsibility as a writer to not sign a work-for-hire contract.

Anyhow, a rant for another day. Fortunately most manuscripts don’t require this sort of treatment. But those that do, do.



Love from the Rockies,


At 5:20 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Authors complain about the changes?

Oof. (And I'm hoping I'm not one of them).

While there's been times I've not been terribly thrilled with changes demanded by various publishers, I always make them. I might voice my reasons for keeping things a certain way, but when the publisher says "No, this is what we want" ... the changes get made, no questions asked. That's why it's "work for hire" - and it's the professional thing to do.

FWIW, you and Joseph have been the easiest "bosses" I've had to work with as a freelancer, so I'm having a hard time imagining issues. I've had some ... interesting requests by other publishers

(Hmm ... maybe it's time for a blog entry of my own.) :)

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Grimbones said...

No DCC author has ever complained to me, but I've read other posts by other authors of other game companies arguing against changes made "without consultation."

That's why they call it "work for hire." Don't sign the contract if you aren't cool with the terms.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Mike said...

The way I've always looked at "work-for-hire" is this - you're writing what a publisher wants first, and what *you* want (and hopefully find interesting, fun, exciting, whatever) second.

Hopefully the two are one and the same, but if not, satisfying the publisher's wishes and demands to the best of your ability should always be your the primary concern.

At 10:11 AM, Blogger ec said...

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