GAMA Report Day 4: Sin City, There and Back Again
We broke down the Goodman booth with due efficiency, shook hands and handed out DCCs to the last of the convention crowd then hitched it to the airport where I scrambled to get out a few last emails to a very patient cadre of DCC writers.

Short aside: If you are worried about the industry with all the recent changes (WoTC pulling the license on Dragon, Dungeon, and Dragonlance), don’t be. There are dozens of passionate, professional publishers working hard to get RPG material into the hands of eager retailers. The folks that are in the business right now are the ones that were smart enough and savvy enough to survive the crash of the d20 glut, and they’re working hard to make certain they’ll be around in another 10 years.

Some last impressions:

Steve Chenault, of Troll Lords is a brilliant man and a gifted storyteller. If you have to be in Vegas, I hope it is with this man. Who else can come to Las Vegas with $11.00 and leave treating folks to steak dinners? Only a Chenault.

Chris Doyle, is a fantastic designer/author. (The list on Pen and Paper is incomplete, by the way. That man has written more material for the RPGA and STAR WARS alone, than I have in my entire career.) If you get a chance to sit down with him and talk about his current projects, I highly recommend it.

Eric K. Rodriguez, along with the rest of the Mongoose folks, made for great company, both at dinner and on the showroom floor. (BTW, Eric - I believe - is also a bouncer, which could explain why his Conan writing is so good.) Thanks for taking the time to drop by the booth and drop off the books.

I got a pre-release copy of the The Order of the Stick Game and it looks to be ludicrously fun and funny. If you're into board games, or OOTS, this is a good choice, and if you're into both, it is a no brainer.

As for the volatile cocktail of gaming designers + alcohol + Vegas’ more risqué “offerings,” stories have begun to surface, but they’re not fit for public consumption. Hit us up at GenCon, or better yet, get the Troll Lords to tell you.

Till then,

P.S. More later this weekend on something very, very cool: http://www.woffordsharedworlds.org/


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