Passing of a Giant

Angus Mcbride died yesterday. He was the illustrator that gave Middle Earth Role Playing its distinctive feel; 15-year old books sporting his work still sit on my shelves.

Moldvay. David C. Sutherland III. Now Mcbride. Edit: And now Lloyd Alexander. Some would argue that there is all the more opportunity for us to shine, building upon their work.

This is true. But there is a melancholy as well. The silence in the air after a giant passes by.



At 4:32 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Lloyd Alexander passed away?

Damn. That sucks. I was a huge fan of his - the Prydain Chronicles was the first fantasy series I ever read, back in fourth or fifth grade. He did a masterful job of mixing Welsh mythology with a great, gripping story for both kids and adults.

Hell, "Talons of the Horned King" owes at least part of the title to him - I liberated the "Horned King" moniker from the main villain of Alexander's "The Book of Three".

I'll have to re-read that one sometime this weekend. And a have a glass of scotch in memory of the creative greats who are no longer with us.


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