Dyed Man's Party
Ye gods, but I’ve been delinquent. So much going on, there’s no time to talk about it. (If you don’t have time to write about self-immolation, what DO you have time to write about?)

Anyhow, no time for blogging, Dr. Jones.

In lieu of content --- or love --- I might as well tell you where I’ll be Friday night. Make it there, and you can beat me up for lack of posting.

Katalist Konsepts, a new Fort Collins tattoo shop, is hosting the artwork of my friend and yours, Rob Atkinson. The reception runs from 6 to 10, with tunes provided by the one and only Slim FadEy. And if you're looking to get inked, they're running a $10 off deal.

Show up, throw down. Bring your board for the after party. I decree that a good time shall be had by all.



At 5:29 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Crap. Why can't you be located in NJ?

I've been contemplating getting more ink work done ... this would've been an awfully convenient excuse to do so.

And ditto the feeling about being too busy to post. Been deliquent as well ... probably for similar reasons. ;)


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