Ozo Review

The sold-out show went until 3 in the morning, the rappers refused to drop the f-bomb because there was a kid in the crowd, and at one point they turned up the house lights and insisted everyone introduce themselves to someone they didn't know.

Oh yeah – and they ended the show (and every show) by marching down into the crowd with horns, drums and cowbells, circling up and playing the last song amid a pit of rabid fans.

Good people. Good times. I'd drive down to Denver to see them again tonight if I wasn't behind the 8-ball on a deadline. If they come through your town, do yourself the favor and get in touch with your inner mariachi-punk.



At 9:25 PM, Blogger Gamer Dude said...

Hey ya Harley... Funny thing, I'm reading Saga of the Witch Queen down here in Denver and I hear you have a blog. Cool stuff man... So you dig Ozomatli eh? Wicked. Have you ever heard of, or listened to anything from the Putumayo label? Since you're into Ozomatli I can't imagine that you haven't... ;-) An awesome multi-cultural extravaganza for the ears! BTW, I absolutely love the Witch Queen stuff. Kudos.


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