Fear My Barbaric Yawlp
Shipments are just now coming back from the printer (cut it close much?), and these were in the boxes, and my boss assures me that they rawk


Now if the 1E "Gen Con exclusives" can just get to Gen Con and live up to their name...


Ps - Saurus and I spent our childhoods listening to the Hobbit on vinyl. So it brings me no end of joy to look at cover of the Character Codex and see the small bird down by the archers knee. A thrush, of course.  

Pps - See? Rawk and Yawlp? That's Whitman and gamer-speak all in the same post. Choose Death for all your post-modern mashups, kids.  


At 12:39 AM, Blogger saurus said...

one of my coworkers tried 4e a few weeks back and said his group didn't care for it. if you have any 3/3.5 freebies floating around that you don't mind parting with and should they find their way into the mail, i /think/ i can get him hooked on DCC's (he at least looked interested when i showed him the dcc website - and then he started searching your name on google. hrmm.. )

At 1:07 AM, Blogger Grimbones said...

Sweet. Bootage headed your way, S.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger ChattyDM said...

Hey sir,

ChattyDm here, the guy that bothered Joseph for Swag and thewn asked you to sign Dragora's Dungeon.

Just a quite note to tell you that after having read 2 parapragphs I had found the introduction to my 1st D&D 4e campaign.

I will be blogging about it extensively (chattydm.net) as I always post prepping and Game log posts for each sessions.

Looking forward to it.. I may drop in with questions.


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