From the folks at Goodman Games...

Last Call for 3.5!

On December 31, Goodman Games will stop selling its 3.5 products. This is the last call.

Visit our online store to purchase what is left of our PRINT 3.5 product at 50% off. You can find the online store at

For the rest of December, you can also visit our PDF store to purchase 3.5 PDF e-books at $2 each. Remember – after December 31, they’re gone forever! You can find the PDF store at



At 12:02 PM, Anonymous cassandra said...

I spent all the money in my RPGNow account AND my PayPal account on Goodman PDFs (not that it was a lot of money, mind you), and now I'm still thinking maybe I should have gotten some more things. However, since I'm running a D&D game only every couple of months, I would think the amount of material I already have would be sufficient.

It's enough; it will be all right -- I just have to keep telling myself that.


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