Let the waiting begin.

The Editor needs a "few weeks" to go over the other incoming stories to see which he likes. If he buys the story, it is vindication for a childhood spent trolling around in the collective imagination of American fantasy writers.

Similarly, the novel proposal is due on the 17th of Feb. It was ready to go, but now I'm second guessing myself, trying to edge the odds in my favor. I'm hungry for this. Terribly, terribly hungry.

Of course, taking a step back, it isn't hard to realize that you should never, ever look to any one else for vindication/validation. Never give anyone else that power. I'll let you know when I'm good enough to follow my own advice.

On a lighter note, I landed the largest noseslide I've ever tried. Slides on downhill angles go fast. You're not skating so much as falling in synch with your board.

On the same night, a massive 180 off a table top over a gap and down 2 feet, and had some consistent heel flips atop the same table top. I wish I could land the fakie 180 heel flip but no luck so far. I'm planning on trying 180 flip to gap, and flip to gap, but since the gap launches you into a blind spot from upstairs, it's rare to have the park empty enough to try them.

For the record: I'm a terrible skater. But I'm just persistant enough to keep plugging long after everyone else has given up or gotten too old.

Still too hungry to choose death.


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