A 999 Monkey shout out to Marcy!

A big Choose Death welcome to Marcy, our first commentor, and perhaps only audience! (If any editors are trolling the site - I see you Paul! - she is a far more prolific writer than I will ever be. So check out her Biodegradable blog and give a working mother her break into the big time. Nix that last line. Every mom is a working mom, and Marcy's work is good enough to make it on its own. Check out Space&Time issue #99 and you'll see what I mean. And while you're at it, buy a couple copies of #98 and send them to that unrequited love that you've been thinking about for the last couple years. Earmark "The Devil's Last Dance." Hah. That'll show, 'em!)

In Other News... I finally realized that - for myself - this blog isn't really about "the audience." A lot of people are never going to read this, nor should they. The real value is being able to look back objectively on my own life and see what was occupying my time. For instance, I looked back over the last couple posts and clearly skating has been a bit more important than writing (even though writing is what I stress about). Time to kick it into gear, Grims! One life to live, Death is coming, and not only does he have your ticket, but he's pissed 'cause you've been flouncing around like you're not terrified of the thought of dying.

So the writer's tip of the day: start a daily journal and keep track of yourself. That and coffee. Lots o' coffee.

Official Wizards' Line: What do they really mean when they say "don't pass this on to anybody else"? Probably that they don't want me to pass on there calls to anybody else ... at least until the deadline.

So despite the human instinct to gossip, I need to keep my loose lips closed, at least until the deadline passes. Then, if anyone is interested, I'll be happy to post them. But really, what is the point? If they're not up to snuff, there's only a slim chance of actually gleaning the thoughts from Wizards. Although maybe the editors will leave some comments, which I'll be delighted to annotate for your amusement and edification.


Writing: Yes.
Skating:No. Snow on all the streets. :(
Today's Soundtrack:Quantum MCs with the line:
"The final destination used to be my main question, then I turned around and all I was looking for was present."


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