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Heh. So the Cafepress site is up. Overpriced goods and me with no real image editing software. Still that is yours truly doing the heel flip. It isn't so much of a great skating photo, but I do like the light-to-dark theme.

Heel flips are all about choosing death. That damn board has to flip all the way around on its long axis - too far or too little and it's time to kiss the concrete. If you hesitate (or inversely, get too excited), oops no good.

But if you kick off just right you can skate away feeling pretty damn cool.

But, honestly, about the Cafepress. Ignore the link. Why not just set one up for yourself?

EDIT: Whew. Got some of the more garish text colors changed. Closer...closer...

EDIT: Oog-oog! God bless copy and paste coding. I still don't know html, but the colors are cleaner and you can post comments ("Hey Grimbones, you're an ass!"). Give one thousand moneys an infite amount of code, a fast connection and an afternoon and 999 of them will come up with a better page than this blog. But what the hell.



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