And now for a brief intermission from your regularly scheduled program:
It's All In The Definitions

"Hello, you've reached XXXXXXXX School, this is Harley."

"Hello. I'm looking for a Christian school for my child. Can you help me?"

"Ma'am, while our children study religions, we're not a Christian school per se. However I can recommend St. Joseph's here in town. I'd be happy to give you their number."

"St. Joseph's? Aren't they Catholic?"

Harley's head smacks the desk as he realizes what is about to happen. "Yes, ma'am, but they're Christian in the sense that there is a Jewish tradition, a Muslim tradition, a Zoroastrian tradition, and a 'Christian' tradition."

I'm certain I've pissed her off. I just said the word "Zoroastrian" over the phone. I wait for her acid reply, but instead -

"Yes, but there is quite a difference."

Harley's head smacks desk, dulling his incredulity. "Well perhaps if we called St. Joe's they could recommend some quality Protestant institutions..."

Kam, Marce. Everybody else. Can you offer some perspective I'm missing?

So I sat down, breathed for a bit and read Kam's response. I do appreciate the differences in Christian faiths.

This does not excuse my arrogance on the phone, btw. :)

However, in an effort to compound failure with failure, let me end on a snide note:

If you want a "Whopper with extra cheese and double mayo," don't order a "sandwich" at the drive-thru window.


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