Devil On Your Back
If you haven't seen it yet, take a moment and read this article:

Write Now, #10

The first (of several) rounds of revisions are going out next week. If you get one and the changes/edits seem particularly dramatic, take a deep breath and remember a few things:

1. Your writing is good. Otherwise we wouldn't have invited you to write for the anthology.
2. Your story isn't standing alone. It is creating a world with 10 other stories, and so it has to carry (and conform to) the burden of that world.
3. No matter how good a story is, it is our job push it to the next level. Nobody is getting out alive.
4. Okay, so maybe #3 was a little dramatic.
5. I truly believe that this has the potential to be the best damn anthology released this year. Between here and there, it is going to hurt a little bit, but that is only because we want each and every story (YOUR story) to be the best in the collection.


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