From the Mail Room
Q. "What is the origin of Poison Clan Press? How big/small is it? Who's involved in it? So far I'm just imagining a secretive cabal of black-cloaked lords with a printing machine."

Poison Clan Press currently has 4 employees, but what we lack in numbers we make up in passion, cunning and sheer audacity. During the day we hold down a number of sundry jobs that permit us to afford luxuries like eating and paying rent. After dark we don hooded cloaks and meet on the rooftops of tall buildings and in caves behind waterfalls.

We are purveyors of high quality pulp/fantasy fiction. We draw our inspiration from Golden Age authors like Howard, Leiber and Moorcock, and publish stories that excite, entertain and inspire.

By publishing anthologies that are as exciting to write as they are to read, we attract some of the finest authors in the field. Our Master Plan for World Domination calls for building our small (but scrappy) press into a house of renown that will publish 1-3 anthologies a year, with the express purpose of dedicating our share of the profits to specific charities.

The idealism and hope offered by pulp/fantasy fiction has saved many lives, including some members of the Poison Clan. By showcasing great writing and beautiful art, we hope to repay this debt in some small fashion.

Until then, we wait in the shadows. Always watching. Always learning. ;)


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