I Call First Watch!
I show up at work early and stay late. Of course, I also screw around posting blog/pcpress stuff, so I don't have much room to brag.

Anyhow, suffice it to say I'm the last to leave the building. Tonight I left after the builders. Rather I tried leaving after the builders.

Or rather, I tried leaving after the builders accidentally cut through the fire alarm.

The alarm and sprinklers will still work inside the school, but it won't notify anyone outside of impending destruction. The builders (destroyers?) are long gone and the fire chief has insisted that someone watch the building all night long. Fair enough.

Trouble is, I can't find anyone to take second watch. H is down in Mass., spending time with her father, my boss is on vacation, and my other boss hasn't answered my phone call. I'm on my own here.

Now what will likely happen is someone will get my phone messages and take second watch. But wouldn't it be fun if I was here all night and took the opportunity to post a story by scenes, written over a 12 hour period?

And of course, my story would be brilliant. ;)

Now if I can just find a coffee place that delivers ...


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