If I ran Gen Con...
I'd be sure there was a demolition derby on the schedule.

My web-fu remains weak. Rather than clogging your browser with pics from this weekend, I posted them to a
demo pics page.

One of the neat things about derbies, is that there is a lot of technique involved. Not only does it require good driving in muddy, chaotic conditions, a lot of it is done in reverse. The goal is to smash up everybody else with your back end (trunk and empty space), while protecting your front end (engine).

My favorite part of the contest is when I'm watching a driver and see the mental switch go off. He decides, "Enough of this baloney," and starts smashing people with EVERY end of his car, and damn the consequences! I appreciate that emotional tipping point. The "suicide move," if you will, that I'm so drawn to.

Another interesting facet is that while the overt goal is "Destroy All Autos!", in practice there are certain rules which must be followed:

  • You have to begin with working brakes.
  • NO hitting on the driver side door.
  • You must hit another running car in every minute of "play"

I'm sure there are other rules, but they're lost on me. I bet Marce might know of some more.


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