24,000 Word Wall
I've been cranking on the DCC module for Goodman Games and enjoying every minute of it. Trouble is, I've been enjoying myself a little too much. I ran a word count last night and found out I was pushing 22,000 words with 1/3 of the module still left to be written.

My contract explicitly states that I'll deliver a 20k-24k manuscript. Never ask an aspiring novelist to write a module. :)

In fairness, this isn't "real" writing. Crafting a module is more like a playing with a logic puzzle; if this, then that, and so on.

Most rough drafts, especially mine, can benefit from being tightened and focused. I went back through with a dull knife and a penchant for violence, and came out the other side at around 18.5k. I'll probably still finish the module 1 to 2 thousand words over, but another pass should be able to clean that up. So far I've enlisted the stalwart Knights of the Patio to do playtesting, but if anyone else wants to hammer their PCs with some lizardfolk and a diseased black dragon, let me know.

Pending Email
I didn't have a chance to get to PCP mail yesterday. If you sent me something and are awaiting a response, one should be coming soon. ;)


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