Sweaty Kobolds and other Edits
I know this mirrors the last post, but I have to thank the Knights of the Patio again. They did a great job editing my DCC. My favorite edit? Chris making they point that if kobolds are reptilian in nature, then they probably don't sweat.

Makes perfect sense, but it is one of those details that is easy to miss. So thank you guys, once more.

West Point: Fair Warning
I have the privilege of attending Ashlock's West Point wedding this weekend. It is the opportunity of a lifetime; I'll probably never have cause to go to West Point again, and certainly not to a wedding. I'm headed down to New York the night before to carouse with Gentry, Lara and Jeff, so I'll be sleeping over in New York.

One catch. I sleep walk.

A lot.

Sleep walking is actually a pretty mild description. It is more accurate to say that I run around at night, naked, screaming and fighting off dark spiders, in my sleep. Especially when I'm sleeping in strange and new places.

Often I'm not dreaming so much as seeing a fantastic overlay placed atop reality. This allows me to interact with people, check that I'm "awake," and move around in reality, all the while seeing nebulous black spider things running around.

It gets tricky when I get into arguments with people about what is happening; I can see the dead person that was just hit by a truck, so why won't Persons X & Y help me get the person out of the road? I become angry and anguished because Persons X & Y don't appreciate the severity of the situation, refusing to help the person I see dead/dying.

I wake up the next morning, exhausted, despite having ostensibly slept all night long. :)

It isn't necessary to list all my sleep walking adventures right now, but here is one that illustrates the "reality overlay feature" of my sleeping state:

Harley, age 12. I'm sleeping atop a bunk bed in a mobile home. I fall asleep and begin dreaming that I'm in a trapped room, complete with the crushing ceiling. Harley finds himself in "reality" and sure enough, the ceiling is coming down to crush me. (Remember, I'm on the top bunk).

So I summon all my strength and try to push back the ceiling. My feet punch through the crappy mobile home drywall, but the ceiling is still coming closer and closer.

If you were raised on D&D and Indiana Jones, you know that there is only one thing to do .

You go out the window.

So I go out the window.

Amid the shards of falling glass I hear my father yelling at me, which is finally what really wakes me up.

So, Jeff, Ed and Lara: here's hoping to a restful weekend. And if not, let's hope it is exciting.


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