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So it isn't too hard to find "doom and gloom" advice from writers for writers, and a lot of it is useful. "We're not going to get rich writing." "If you can stop, you should." "If jabbing a pencil in your eye will create an aversion to writing, jab two."

That sort of thing.

But there is another side to writing which is often easy to ignore, and that is this: if you go home and write tonight, you'll be a better writer tomorrow.

That's it. I might suck today, but tomorrow I'll be better. And better the day after that, and the day after that. Everyone can do it. It doesn't require talent, intelligence or even a decent spell check program.

Getting a book deal is beyond my control. But if I write every evening for the remainder of my days, I can still die a great author...

...and rest easy in the knowledge that my grandkids will make a killing by selling my unpublished works.


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