The Cavalry Arrives
A big, Deathy Thanks is due once again to the Knights of the Patio: Chris, Chrissy and Co. They just finished play testing another module, completing it in record time. I realized yesterday that – aside from seeing the actual work in print – reading their comments and getting feedback on the adventure is my favorite part of the process.

EC brought up the importance of community many moons ago, and my own experience has born out her thesis. I’m flat out bad about keeping up with friends. That needs to change. We’ll see.

But enough of the mopey melancholy. Thank you, Chris, Chrissy and Co. for a job well done! See you at GenCon, 2006!


At 11:07 AM, Blogger Silverfyre said...

Not a problem and it's always our pleasure to not only help out a good friend and fellow writer, but to enjoy a good dungeon crawl!

Woohoo, gotta love gettin' treasure, killin' monsters, and gainin' levels!

At 3:08 PM, Blogger matt said...

I'd give you a hard time about keeping up with friends, but I know I am at least equally as bad as you are.. ;)


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