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Everything, and I mean everything, I am today - be it husband, writer, skater, whatever - I owe to the people around me.

I'm writing stories because of what Matt taught me about art. I'm writing on a computer that Saurus bought for me. I'm writing modules to music from Jonathan, out of rule books from Alex, inspired by novels from Willy, and edited by Chris and Jeff. And we won't even touch on the emotional gifts from past lovers.

I am dirt. If you see any flowers, they were planted by someone else.

Not that any of this is a bad thing. But if we are going to have any understanding, if we are going to get anywhere, we have got to get that much clear.

//End Rant


At 7:26 AM, Blogger ec said...

No man is an island yadda yadda, and you seem more aware of this than most. But someone's gotta say it: your karmic balance sheet is probably in pretty good shape.

Energy and enthusiasm are contagious. A strong work ethic unencumbered by a whining sense of entitlement is so rare as to be not only remarkable, but inspiring. I stop by your blog when I need a boost of optimism and positive energy, which is to say, frequently. And let's not forget real life: Few people can make as profound an impact on young lives as a good teacher.


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