Harley who?
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Work has been busy and my night job is busier than ever. Both are good, but it doesn't leave much time for posting. Some brief news items, then it's back to the vampires. I love my life, I really do.

The Rat King
Goodman Games
New art galleries are up for both Rat King and Into the Wilds. This particular piece has to be one of my favorites, to date. Suffice it to say, both projects have been blessed by spectacular artists, and if you end up liking any of the art I think most of it can be purchased as prints/originals from the artists.

Still savage after all these years.
Kublacon, the Khan of Cons will be running both DCC 17 & 17.5, May 26 – 29 in Burlingame, CA. Don’t know if there is still space available, but it should be a good time.

Destroyer of Worlds
In addition to putting in my time on re-writes, I’m also sketching the last remaining bits of the d20 World Project. Breaking out the ink and colored pencils one last time to add the final touches here and there, providing inspiration for future d20 writers. Hope to post rough world maps soon, publisher permitting.

It’s old school, it takes up three color maps, and it comes in a box.

And that, my friend, might just be the high point of my d20 career.

Hope all is well!


At 6:48 PM, Blogger saurus said...

So random story about Burlingame (although I have to wonder /where/ they are going to have it at there). A friend of mine's cousin used to run a S&M club up there. The cousin, Eris (named changed to protect the dead), was known for her direct style of meeting new people by asking the simple question - "sub or dom?". Eep.

Anyhow, before Eris passed away, she invited my friend up for a free ska concert. Me being me, got invited along too, although it was goth/ska night, so i had no idea what to expect. This band Monkey get's up on stage and starts doing billy joel covers - ska style. so i'm out there skanking my little heart out and it dawns on me that it's me and these two goths that are wearing the whole catholic schoolgirl outfit getup. hot damn. sadly, i'm not sure where this was going, but needless to say, my life is rated pg so i didn't even talk to them. harumph.

At 6:52 PM, Blogger Grimbones said...


Happy-post Birthday, Saurus. How do we go about changing that rating? Silly censors.

At 11:24 AM, Blogger Kameron said...

Any word on the release date for Rat King and Wilds? I was hoping to order those while Goodman's sale was still going. :)

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Grimbones said...

:) Smart man, that Kam.

They are "shipping to stores" and should be available for sale the week of the 29th...

I've heard of one guy speaking with his store and locking in the sale price until they arrive.

Also, the hard cover should be coming in the same shipment.



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