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Let’s hear it for the weekend. Since skating is off limits for another 3 weeks or so, this mean 48 hours of opportunity to spend time with H and write, write, write. I’m knee deep into an 89k project and I’ve finally hit that spot where it feels good. Love it.

One of the cool things about this particular number is that it has me going beyond my usual design scope, and digging into the d20 Future products. If you know me then you know that I get excited about a lot of stuff, but that I don’t tend to do a lot of reading in the field. (A mistake, I know, I know, but there you have it.) I’m excited about reading these.

Prior to my work with Goodman Games, my most recent roleplaying experience was several years of R. Talsorian’s Cyberpunk, so writing about cybernetics and cyborgs is a real treat. If you’re interested in WoTC’s rendition of the genre, I encourage you to check it out.

In other news, Temple of the Frog…
…is headed towards the printer soon. No official release date yet, just “soon.” I was only called in to write the actual Temple and Frog Town, while the good Mr. Pocklington lead the rest of the project. This was a new experience for me --- good or bad, I can’t take full responsibility for this one.

I’m intrigued to see how it our take on the classic adventure is received. I’m sure some folks will dislike it, but I’m okay with that. Temple was played at GenCon, and the few folks that have reported in claim they enjoyed it. We’ll see. It’s always dangerous to take on a classic.

Anyhow. Be safe. Have a great weekend.

Love from the Rockies,

Edit: Founds rumors of a December release. Still no official release date, but it would be great to have Temple in hand before the end of the year.


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