Life is Too Short Not to be a Hypocrite
All right, so I lied. It turns out that TRUE happiness is being an independent school admin, calling a snow day, and then hanging out drinking coffee and writing. Got out, did a little cross country skiing w/ the miss, and now its back to writing again.

Even better, for kids throughout the Roaring Fort Valley, it's like Christmas all over again. ;)

And meanwhile, one of 2 roads out of the valley has been closed by an avalanche. Hopefully nobody was there when it came down, but we won't know for a few days, until the danger of additional slides has been dealt with.

For the love of God, don't click this link.
Yeah, I've become a Pandora Radio zombie, no thanks to the Mythfish. Currently listening to the Jurassic 5 "channel," but also delving into Rancid radio and the Sisters. Haven't opened itunes in days. *fear*



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Bwah ha ha haaaa!


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