When I smile, your smile should be as big as mine.
Or ... Pimping the Peeps.

I'm pretty darn thankful for all the things that have come my way of late. Even better, the loose circle of writers I audaciously call my friends have also had great successes this past year. In our game, it's easy to get envious, but that's based on faulty assumptions.

Namely, this isn't a Zero Sum Game.

Jeff LaSala writes a NYT best seller? Awesome. Give him some props and write your own damn bestseller.

Anyhow. Before I sink into a diatribe ...

The great thing about this book finally making it to print is that when Jeff was handed the "Meek Writer's Guide to Wooing Editors and Getting Published" he promptly tossed it out the subway window. It's still down there someplace, moldering in the darkness.

Do I recommend his strategy? Absolutely not. But the man got results, and since he can back it up with his writing ... it's not really bragging is it? For the full story, harass Jeff at Gen Con. I'l be happy to point him out.

That, and the guy on the cover actually looks like Jeff. Apart from Ed Greenwood, I don't know anyone else who has pulled that off.

What can you say? This woman rocks. Of all of us, Marce is the one that manages to get in the most punches --- despite being a navy wife and mother of 2. I swear she submits manuscripts in her sleep. Fear this woman's work ethic, for if it catches you giving grief, it will crush you.

And, if you see her at Gen Con, give her a kiss. There will be generous bounties paid out for all documented Marce Drive-by Smooches.

This is the first in an ENworld trilogy by Aeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel, the most dangerous force in publishing behind Marce's work ethic.

Best known as DCC editor exemplar, Aeryn can turn around a clean manuscript in the time it takes most of us to brew a pt of coffee. But more to the point, the guy is a weight lifter in his spare time. So while we're all taking breaks from writing to grind some exp, this dude is pumping iron.

Even more threatening to my ego, Aeryn's the only one this list that's a fulltime freelancer. True story.

Jaleigh was the first person* to stop by my first signing. Actually, she might have been the only one. But it was worth her ribbing when I got to see the look on her face when she realized the guy next to me was Dave Arneson. Since that fateful day, when ever Jaleigh thinks of me, she sees Dave.

I think that's a win-win situation all around.

*Meaning, "non immediate best friend."

Jaleigh actually has 2 books on the list, but if I could get a darn cover scan, she'd have 3. Go buy her Nautilus Cell. You can thank me later.

(Insert witty text about Ed and link to store.)

(Even more witty text, this time about Erik. How DOES he do it, folks?)

I'm SURE I missed somebody/some book. If it was published in the last year or so, let me know.


Whew. To avoid all this work in the future I'm starting coding on a catalog. Till then, you can see Deather books here:



At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Marce said...

Thanks for the plug, Grimmy! You're the best! :)

But, just between us, the majority of those submissions are of the poetical variety, so my record really isn't as impressive as all that (ask Jeff - he's seen my daily work log). Heh.

At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too kind, as always. But thanks. And the guy on the cover...I just don't see it! :)

At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*hugs* Thanks for the shout, H.

"Actually, she might have been the only one."

No, no. Dave was there. He definitely counts. :)



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