Awfully Quiet
Is how things will be around here the month of June. Many projects need to get done in time to go to press for sweet Genny. Something on the order of 70k. That's almost my own HarloRiMo.  

Which really means that Harley needs to follow the advice at the top of the page and get back to the writing. 

See you all at Indy...

But Until Then

...feel free to put the mighty, mighty Sandfolk to use in your Blackmoor game. Provided, free of charge, by the kind overlords at Code Monkey Publishing, and penned by some hack named Stroh. 



At 9:00 PM, Anonymous cassandra-e said...

We'll miss you, H! Stop by in July and let us know that you survived the month.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Jeff LaSala said...

This post, translated into French then German then English:

Terribly peace
The east, how the things will be around the month June here. Many projects must facts in time received to go encouraging Genny tender. Something on order of 70k. That's nearly my own HarloRiMo.

Which really means that Harley follow the advice over the side and to return must; writing.

See you everything with Indy...

"I and they encouraged cried above and outside helped, where I could. And if they all had gone, strive good feeling."

At 8:15 AM, Blogger Matt said...

This is circuitous translation is even better if you read it out loud in the voice of middle ages priest (like Eric Idle reading the Book of Armaments).


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