C'mon, baby! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

So it is official. Despite prior postings which may have caused some confusion, my latest (last?) novel submission to Wizards of the Coast has been sent out into the ether, and is waiting in the in-box of the Editor as we wait. This one was a lot of fun to write, much easier than the Maiden of Pain proposal even, which reminds me that I still haven't shared that one with the rest of the community yet. Really folks, it isn't any good. If it was, it would have sold, right? ;)

Now the waiting begins. Now I go nuts. I know, if E.C. has told us once, she has told us a thousand times that you don't wait, you just keep on writing and hope that they get back to you. Still for the 30 or so poor souls that made the second tier, this does feel like it is our big shot. We have a toe-hold in the door, and if we let this one go then we are back out in the cold again, all for naught.

Well, maybe not all for naught. I suppose we've learned the valuable lesson that we don't just want this gig, we actually need it. Lots of people do, that's what makes it so hard.

Word on the net is that there are 30 or so of us vying for 2 books. Damn. The odds are so good that it makes your head spin. You can't get that close to a book deal anywhere else these days, and certainly not with a publisher that has a dedicated audience and world wide distribution.


The Editors will probably be making their decisions some time after Feb 17. The MoP deadline was in June (is that right, guys?) and they got back to us 4 months later after having waded through 500 proposals. I really don't have a good guess how long it will take to get through these, but it would be great to hear back in spring or early summer.

Well, for what it is worth, here is a toast to whoever does get the gig. I wish you only the best, because damnit, I really, really, really want to be in your shoes.

Writing:Ugh. Editing. How can I be so good and so bad all at once?
Skating:Nope. The North East remains wet and cold.
Today's Soundtrack:Eminem, the song with the line:
"Here I go, it's my shot,
feet fail me not,
this might be the only opportunity that I've got."


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