Death From ... Below?
I lost my debit card yesterday. Not a big deal, but it was illuminating to see just how much I've come to rely on a chunk of plastic to feed my coffee habit.

No coffee puts a crimp in Grimbones' style.

I called up my bank this morning to cancel my card, just in case. It turns out someone had been withdrawing $200 from my account every hour, on the hour.

My crimp just became a cramp.

After talking with the bank today, I think it has all been cleared up, but it will take 10 days before the bank agrees that in fact it wasn't me making systematic withdraws from my account.

Q. Hey, Grims, you idiot. Did you have your pin inked on the card or something?!

A. Nope, and that is the strange thing. The card was barely 2 days old, so they must
have gotten the pin through number crunching. Bummer.

But Now a Big Deathy Welcome to.....
Ruth, the official Goblin Tails art fairy!

Ruth just sent me the rough of a block print she is doing as the closing image of our book. She hasn't begun cutting the block yet, but here is the sketch.

Of course, one significant detail is missing. The first one mention it gets a free ride on the goblin tails pony. (Ruth has agreed to make the changes and then begin cutting the block for the print.

Ruth bleeds talent. She is just that good.

But hey, we don't call her the Art Fairy for nothing.)

GT Status and Timeline
I'll be getting in the last of the final drafts this week, and sending them off for one final red-pen read through.

While that is happening, the rest of the art should come in. If it is all up to spec(and if my bank account stops pissing dollars), I'll finish the layout and send you each galley copies of your story for the final okay. Then it is off to our favorite novelist for a promo blurb, and at last to the printers.


So. By late July/early August you should have a copy of Goblin Tails in your hands. If anything changes, I'll let you know.


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