Open Call for Gamers

MNTS will be starting up a Legend of the Five Rings play by post game in the next few days. If you're interested, drop by the forum and give MNTS a heads up. He can provide rules and setting background for anyone who isn't familiar with the L5R 1st edition system.

The Set-Up
Akodo Toturi, the emperor's shogun, has assembled a group of samurai selected from various clans to be his enforcers/investigators--these are the PCs. There's probably a nice name for this group--The Lotus Petals of Fortunate Justice or something--but in every corner of Rokugan they're known as the Shogun Assassin Squad.

As members of the Shogun Assassin Squad you'll investigate nefarious deeds throughout the Emerald Empire and execute justice as needed. Expect heavy resistance.

The above image is the property of the Alderac Entertainment Group . If you haven't seen their work, stop by and check them out. They turn out some great games.


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